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Jun 05, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Campaign Automation is next step is not starting


Hello Guru's,


I have created a campaign automation workflow like this..

1) Created a Campaign 1 - Campaign start

2) Created a campaign 2 as element - Assigned a communication method as e-mail with Survey link (Suevey is created under marketing) - Assigned a work flow send target group to channel - Have used the CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PBO and CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PAI in the survey to create the lead

3) Created a campaign decision - If "Would you like to receive the application with options as Yes"

4) Created a campaign 3 with empty target group and assigned a work flow "Add BP to Target Group" - Selected an option of Start for every respondant

5) Created a Campaign 4 by using the traget group created in step 4

6) I have activated all workflows

7) made the workflows as general

Released the campaign 1


Started the campaign

Campaign execution started and sends the mail to target group. I have responded for the survey, I can see the results on survey suite, also the Lead created.

Problem is .....

The decision is not triggering even if I select yes for step 3 (Condition is met), not starting the next step.

I am missing some thing here, can you please guide.

Thank you very much.