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Jun 05, 2010 at 08:16 AM

Query Report - To display additional column in list selection box.



There is query report where i want to display the additional column in list selection.

Below is the system query report, where parameter passed is card code.

When the cardcode - list selection is clicked system displays 2 columns i.e. Customer Code & No. of Records.

Now in the same list selection; is it possible to display the customer name along with cardcode only for reference.

SELECT T0.DocDate, T1.SlpName, T2.Name, T0.DocDueDate, T0.DocNum, (CASE WHEN T0.DocStatus = 'O' THEN 'Open' ELSE 'Closed' END) AS Status, T0.DocTotal FROM OQUT T0 LEFT JOIN OSLP T1 ON T0.SlpCode = T1.SlpCode LEFT JOIN OCPR T2 ON T0.CntctCode = T2.CntctCode WHERE T0.CardCode = N'[%0]' ORDER BY T0.DocNum DESC

Kindly let me know the details.

Thanks & Regards,

Yogesh Jadav