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Jun 05, 2010 at 04:22 AM

Cannot record the results for Inspection lot


Hi Gurus,

For a Goods receipt for Production Order, Inspection lot was created, but the status of this lot is CRTD PASG SPRQ.

In the inspection specification of this lot, the inspection plan is assigned to inspection lot.But the sample size is 0 in this lot. When we click Sample icon in the tab Sample of this inspection lot, I get the information as "The sampling scheme INR is incomplete"

The sampling scheme INR is incomplete

Message no. QD092


A sampling procedure was assigned to a characteristic in the inspection plan that references sampling scheme INR.

In this sampling scheme, no entry (that is, no sampling instruction) was found for the inspection severity 004, the AQL value 0.000 and for the lot size (for the population) 2604.

Keep in mind that the population is not necessarily the same as the lot size. The population is calculated from

the lot size

the conversion factor of the base unit of measure in the sample unit of measure

the factor of the sample unit


Base unit of measure is kg and the sample unit of measure is gr. The conversion factor is 1000. The factor of the sample unit is 5. As a result the individual sample is 5 grams.

If the lot size is, for example, 20 kg, then the population to which the sampling scheme is applied is 4000 (20 * 1000 / 5). If the calculated population exceeds the maximum allowed value of 10,000,000,000, the maximum value is used if it is entered in the "Lot size" column in the sampling scheme.


Maintain sampling scheme INR.

Please help me to solve this issue.