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Jun 05, 2010 at 12:25 AM

RAR: Warning: Role nnn does not exist or has no authorizations


I have a GRC system that is connected to multiple back-end R/3 environments. I have imported the Roles, Profiles and users from all the back end systems. I have also uploaded the objects and the object texts from each of these systems.

On some of these systems, when I run the risk analysis at the role analysis level from the Informer tab in RAR, I get no violations where I believe there should be and a warning message that says: Warning <role name> does not exist or has no authorizations. I have looked at these roles in the back end and they look fine to me. I am sure the role exists because I used the search to find it for that system.

The risk analysis works fine in other systems connected to GRC. Any idea what this warning message means and what I need to check for? Thanks for your help/guidance in advance.

- Alex