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Jun 04, 2010 at 07:53 PM



All Good Afternoon,

I am so excited to find this community. Because I am new to my job and new to this area and also I have no any co-worker with whom I can consult. So any of your instructions are great appreciated.

I have a table that only contends three fields: UserID : String[12]

SecurityArea: String[50] SecurityAccess: String[1]

I was asked to create a report that all userId should be crossed on the top of the report and SecurityArea ffiels should be displayed on the most left of the report. Please drop me a few lines if you have an idea.

Thank you for your help,


***********Blank******************* User1 *** User2 *** User 3 *** User4 *** User5 .. ( 50+ users )

Company Maintenance****************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

System Maintanace *******************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

Customer ******************************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

Vendors ********************************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

Employee *******************************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

Operations *****************************Y********* Y******** Y********N*********N

User Maintenance **********************Y********* Y******** Y********N********N




300 departments