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Jun 04, 2010 at 07:40 PM

Reports with linked parameters in subreports are not work


I have some Crystal Reports that use subreports with linked parameters. These reports work fine in Crystal 11 but fail when run in Crystal 2008. I am trying to get these reports to work but have not had any success. My Crystal 11 interface is using RDC with C++ and for Crystal 2008 I am using C#.

I came across this post in the forums and modified my code to exclude parameter fields with ParameterFieldUsage2 = DataFetching from having a value set.

[Operation illegal on linked parameter|Operation illegal on linked parameter]

I no longer get the "Operation illegal on linked parameter" error but the reports still fail with the error "Failed to load database information". I am correct to not set values to these parameter fields because they are linked to fields in the main table?

Visual Studio 2005

Crystal Reports 2008 SP2

Any help is appreciated.