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Jun 04, 2010 at 03:34 PM

ALV for fields from multiple tables and make them editable



I am working on a forecasting report. We have created few custom table e.g. store forcaset detail for whole year month wise. tables are say sales data, budget data, forcast data etc.

Now i need to make a report based on monthwise based on above mention table.

eg.o/p looks like:

column name type desc monthapr monthmay .......

table forcast Qty sales 100 150

table budget/sales amt amou 20.50 130.50

table sales vs forcast amt amount 3000 50000

-Now i don't know how to display data from multiple table in single ALV list that to with different field type.

-2nd issue is i need to make only perticuler row editable so that user can chage data.

-3rd when user change data and press calulate button - it should calculate data for future month - i got formula for that and disply the calulated data.

- 4th if user like the forcast data then when press save - change data should update dbtable.

Is this all possible with simple abap FM Or need to use ABAPOO.

I will appericiate all expert help.

Many thanks in advance.


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