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Jun 04, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Very strange issue when displaying the Account PDF Factsheet.


We have a very odd situation.

We have one users (user1) who has the same business role as everyone else in the office. They can enter the UI (CRM 7), display an account and then click on the PDF Factsheet option. It seems to process and then simple says 'Done', but there's no PDF document displayed. At first I thought it was an Adobe issue, but, if someone in the office (user2) logs into SAP on user1's PC (in the same Windows session), they can perform the same process in the UI and the PDF is displayed, so it can't be a PC related issue, and must somehow be related to user1's SAP profile or role in some way.

Comparing User1 and User2's roles displays no differences, and their SU01 entries are also the same.

Can anyone come up any recommendations as to what it could be?.

I've more or less exhausted all my options.