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Jun 04, 2010 at 01:55 PM

ERP Quotation in Opportunity screen



A new assignment block is to be created in opportunity screen which willl show the details of all the Quotations created for that opportunity and on click of each Quotation number, it should show all the line items mapped to that quotation, in a tree view.

I am following the blog available on sdn for tree view. I need these fields in tree view: Quotation ID (header level),Descriptio(header level),Value (header level),Currency (header level),Status (header level),Item Number (item level),Alternative Item (item level),Product ID (item level),Product Description (item level),Quantity (item level),Quantity Unit (item level) ,Value (item level),Currency (item level),Status (item level).

The new view is added in opportunity screen.For binding it,first I need to get the quotation ids for the opportunity. This can be done using crm_order_read. But, I think I need to create one more context node in the new view and bind it to appropriate custom controller of opportunity, to get the opportunity guid and then I can call crm_order_read to get the quotation numbers.

Please let me know if I am correct.

Now,once the quotation numbers are fetched, how can I get remaining header and item level details of quotations.

I see that FM returns only the quotation number.No other information is retrieved. Is there any FM available which can retrieve the value of remaining fields, on passing of quotation number only.