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Jun 04, 2010 at 01:00 PM

Asset Accounting


Hi Experts

We have been using a third party tool (BEST) to calculate depreciation.

The assets are created in SAP under AUC (Assets Under Construction- Recon account) and when the Assets are ready to be put in use, the asset is moved to a clearing account and then retired. The user then creates the Asset in BEST.

During the mond end, the user does an excel upload from BEST for (1)GL Account (example Furniture, Vehicles, Euipment) which is set up as a non Recon account. This results in Debit to the respective GL Account (Furniture, Vehicles,..) and Credit to Clearing account.

(2) Depreciation Upload from BEST : Debit to Depreciation Expense account and Credit to Accumulated Depreciation Account.

Now the client wants to use the Asset accounting module totally for depreciation calculations and stop using the third party tool BEST.


I have manually created an asset in SAP for the asset class Equipment. The system gives an error:

"You cannot post to the Fiscal Tyear 2011. The year differs by more than a year from the year last posted in"

I checked the Depreciation table TABA and it shows values upto Year 2004.

I have checked the NOTES 144441 AND 843612. As we are on ECC 6.0, the ABAPER says that the correction note is already in the system.

I opened the fiscal year 2005 and did a period wise posting upto FY 2011 using AFAB. The TABA table is now updated but the indicator in the table shows "N" even for the Asset that i just created with values. (NO DATA).

I would like to know the right way of updating the TABA table.

Why does the system doesnot generate a document for the current year for which i have created the Asset with value.

Your response will greatly be appreciated.