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Jun 04, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Needed process change


Hi Guru's,

I have to make the below changes for IT 0008 , but even tryed and configured in the table t511, but am still facing the problem that as per the below senario if i give 1or 2 in the field it should not exacpt and should through the error message but its accepting the value 1 an 2 also , so can any one suggest were i can check the config an sort out this issue.

IT0008 ' Basic Pay' wage type 1004 'Individual % Mettova' number/unit field should accept per cents '0' or '3' to '25'

When xyzo % is over 25 should give message: "Number for wage type 1004 is too high (table T511).

When xyzo % is between one and two (1 and 2) per cent should give message: "Number for wage type 1004 is too low (table T511).

Notice: Should still accept zero ' 0 ' value in 1004 Individual % premium number/unit field

New xyz% in table T511

3%, 6% 10%, 14%, 18%, 22%, 25%