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Jun 04, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Export to .CSV from web query uses wrong codepage (scrambled chinese chars)



I am running a BEx query in the web environment. The web browser shows the chinese text correctly.

When I export to .csv the chinese text is no longer recognisable.

System: BI7 - Unicode enabled.

There are no problems with displaying chinese text in BEx Analyzer (Excel) or BEx web. Only with the export to CSV.

When I open the file in a text editor I get a warning that the file is in codepage 1521 (latin-1) and contains characters which are not supported by that codepage.

Is there a system setting where I can specify what codepage should be used for an export to CSV?

The export to MS Excel seems to automatically use the right codepage.

The export to CSV is required because not all web query users have Excel or the right version of Excel.