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Jun 04, 2010 at 11:05 AM

Problems with Seeburger FTP Receiver adapter



I am working on a scenario sending ORDERS05 Idocs to EDI vendors.

For this i have configured Seeburger Receiver FTP adapter with 2 modules to convert XML-EDI format. Since this is the test, I have pointed Seeburger to local FTP server with following settings

Hostname <Hostname of our FTP server>
Port <Port # of our FTP server>
Host Path/VAN partner id <some local directory of FTP server>

Payload mode: Maindocument.

At runtime i received following exception

Message could not be forwarded to the JCA adapter. Reason: Fatal exception: javax.resource.ResourceException: >> Description: Unexpected reply: 500 'SITE system 1': command not understood>> Details: Error in session: {type:FTPConnectionId}{binding:82ea8d3089dc3e898ae2e608d9d8487d}{channel:a52d1aaa8dd63ff59c2f590e78586a77}{toparty:TestEDIParty} CAUSED BY: Error while connection to remote host CAUSED BY: Error while executing command QUOTE site system 1 CAUSED BY: Unexpected reply: 500 'SITE system 1': command not understood>>SendingStatus: NOT_TRANSMITTED>>FaultCategory: COMMUNICATION_ERROR>>Retryable: true>>Fatal: true

Few questions related to this

1] can we use Seeburger adapter to generate EDI files on local FTP server

2] If not Seeburger can we use normal File adapter to do the same. I tried the same by configuring BIC module in File adapter so that it would convert XML to EDI format and was hoping file to be generated on FTP server. It generated one line XML file with following text "<info>Converted message locates in a attachment</info>". Any idea how to retreive attachments in File receiver adapter (as far as i know no attachments are supported in File receiver adapter).

Any idea how to generate EDI files with Seeburger FTP on test server?

Thanks in advance.