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Jun 04, 2010 at 10:36 AM

Object link


Hi all,

Q.1) I have created a doc with document type PMD in golden client. I have attached word,Excel,PDF,JPG,IMG and ZTF files.Selected DMS server and saved.All the files are displayed well when i double click on the the perticular file. I have attached this document to Equipment master, Notification.Here also when i display the equipment master or Notification/ Document tab/ open the document/double click on any file, the file opens. ALL THIS IS WHEN I DO IT IN DEVELOPEMENT CLIENT AS I HAVE ALREADY SAID.

I HAVE MOVED THE CONCERNED TR to Quality client.Now when i try to open the files from the Equipment master/ Notification ( object link,same document),only JPG,IMG and ZTF files are not opening rest all are opening.

The error is http://172.17.9:48:1090/ContentServer\ContentServe Could not be accessed. Please provide the solution.

Q.2) Can we configure Ibject link for *Maintenance Order so that we can link a document created in CV01N ? If so please give the path.

Thanks in advance,