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Jun 04, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Error adding entitlment system entry in the sap authentication


Hi people,

I could not add entry in the sap authentication. Every time I try to add entry nothing happens. I press button "New", page is reloaded and in the end I do not see anything in the list "Logical system name".

There are several strings in the CMS trace log:

2010/06/04 10:10:19.562|>>| | | 7940|6572|{|||||||||||||||IInfoStore_Impl::queryEx3

2010/06/04 10:10:19.562|>=| | | 7940|6572|{|||||||||||||||CInfoStoreSubsystem::Query

2010/06/04 10:10:19.562|>=| | | 7940|6572| |||||||||||||||CInfoStoreSubsystem::Query:[UID=12;USID=33837] : (proc=false,chk=true,srv=false)

.\InfoStore.cpp:2942: TraceLog message 30613

2010/06/04 10:10:19.562|>=|E|X| 7940|6572|}|||||||||||||||CInfoStoreSubsystem::Query: 0

.\osca_i_impl.cpp:612: TraceLog message 30614

But I can connect to the same R/3 server via Crystal Reports.

It seems that BOBJ can not add records into the Oracle database.

My installation: Win 2k3 x64, Oracle, BOBJ ENT XI 3.1 SP3, Integration Kit SAP SP3,