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Jun 04, 2010 at 09:40 AM

Best D.A.L options to report Webi (/BW?) on top of ECC



Sorry if my question looks simplistic but i'm quite new to SAP with BO.

Here is the situation: We have implemented ECC and we want to create WebI reports out of the information in ECC.

I'm looking for the best option (with ideally pros & cons), with a focus on the best Data Access Layer.

- (option1) Someone has proposed (and prototyped) WebI/Universes with a direct connection to ECC tables. Problem is they didn't know the underlying model and information may not be accurate. Also, it doesn't feel right to me because of the afored point but also because of performance (need to retrieve data through lots of tables and joins) or security issues (not leveraging ECC security). Whenever we'll change ECC, i fear that this will be directly impacted.

> are my assumptions/fears correct

> what are the better way to directly connect to ECC (assuming this is SAP drivers)

> would this option be more relevant if we use SAP rapid mart (using the data services BOBJ ETL tool)

- (option 2) another option would be to setup BW on top of ECC, then creating WebI reports on top of BW.

> if this option more relevant than the one above

> I'm also wondering if the best option is an OLAP universe (with direct access on infocube), or is it better to create a relational universe (using a tool i don't remember the name)

> is it better to create a custom datamart on top of ECC (but we have a few specific in ECC and it looks like we reinvent BW)

> i'm not familiar with BW accelerator but it looks like it may help.

Thanks a lot for your help.