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Jan 24, 2019 at 09:14 AM

How do i use the UI5 SDK at the best manner?


I have troubles to find in the SDK, all the options which can be used for a particular UI element.

For example; If i look at the ObjectNumber in an example, i see;

If i would like to find which options i have more for a ObjectNumber, i go to the API Reference of the website;;

and take a look over there, which other options i have, and also what for example other options i have for

the option formatOptions of the variable Number of the UI element ObjectNumber.

But if i look at the properties, i find Number;

but i can't find over there the direct link to the sub options whom are used in the example;

'Path', 'type' and 'formatOptions'. And also all the others;

So therefore, my question is, how do i use the SDK on a proper manner, so i can find all the options whom are available for a UI element?

In the example above the ObjectNumber is used, so i am not interested in the ObjectNumber it self, but how do i find what options i can use, and how do i find the used options?

Kindly hear from you!