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Jan 24, 2019 at 08:28 AM

Field "Valuation based on the batch-specific unit of measure" on batch (valuation type) level.


Dear Colleagues,

We successfully prototyped Batch-specific units of measure functionality in S4/HANA 1709.
In material master we flagged batch-specific unit as relevant for valuation and we specified standard price for batch specific unit of measure in transaction MWB1.

This resulted in switching on (ticked) field "Valuated Un" MBEW-XBEWM in Accounting view 1 on the mother segment (valuation type empty). mother-segment.png

But when we go to child segments (batch/valuation type) this field in off (unticked). child-segment.png

Is it correct system behaviour?
Does it really make sense to display this field on child segment level?
Can this field ever be ticked on segment child level?

Kind regards,

Szymon Maslowski


mother-segment.png (42.8 kB)
child-segment.png (47.2 kB)