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Jan 24, 2019 at 07:49 AM



Dear Experts,

Presently we are running Payroll and it is running fine. But a few days back I was asked to create a wage type which will work as per the below conditions.

Condition 1:

The wage type will only be available to the pensioners and will be active when the active employee would become pensioner. ESG - Grouping done in permissibility.

Condition 2:

This wage type will be added to the IT0015 and eventually when maintained I will be adding upto to the Gross Annual Salary. and Nowhere else. After this the Tax Calculation would happen.

Here is what I have done:

Step 1: IT0015 - Wagetype Name - 6666

Create a Wagetype by coping a Model Wage Type and naming it 6666 - Transfer to Gross Annual Salary

Step 2: Since this is just a payment wagetype the Characteristics are mentioned as add to total and no other options are selected.

PCR as below:

PCR is added to the Custom Schema ZN00 copied from IN00 and I have placed the PCR in the Schema ZNN1

The processing Classes and the Cummulation Classes maintained are as follows. Table V_512W_O

Require your help in this regards as my objective is that when ever I enter an amount to this wagetype the amount will take straight to the Gross annual salary and then the tax would calculate as per the present procedure.


ijfec.png (11.3 kB)
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oxuue.png (39.6 kB)