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Jun 04, 2010 at 05:47 AM

Create a changepassword link in logon page



I have to develop a Change Password link in portal login page.

Approach 1:


The approach in my mind is :

1. Create a Change password application as PAR file.

2. Create iview on this Par file in portal.

3. Now create a link in umLogonPage.jsp in file in NWDS.

4. point to iview created on step2 in link created in step 3.

Approach 2:


But when I explored PAR file. I came to know that it contains a changePasswordPage.jsp in it as well.

So, now I am wondering that why I cannot use this page only in umLogonPage.jsp

If above approach is possible then what setting do I need to make in file.

Please comment on both of my approaches.