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Jun 03, 2010 at 07:47 PM

Purchase Order price



We have Info - records maintained and pricing condition(PB00) set at the level with scales.. The Info-update indictaor is set in the PO which updates the price history of the last PO in the Info-record. When the PO is created the pricing is determined correctly from the scales in the info-record, however when the PO is saved the price gets updated from the last PO price.

Is this standard SAP ?

Do I need to manitain the parameter EVO to not copy the price from the last PO.

The confusing part is I can see the price getting determined correctly when the line items are getting created based of the scales but on saving chanegs the value. I want to confirm wether this is standard and jsut needs EVO to be set OR

Would I need to search for an user-exit which might be overriding ?

I did check SAP Note 675523

Thanks for your help in advance.