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Jun 03, 2010 at 07:41 PM

I/O -AUC process


Hi All,

I have an AUC setlement issue.

So, I dont understand why I get the error stating that "Posting not possible : Value date earlier than capitalization date".

Please help me in fixing this issue in KO88 Settlement.

I have executed the following steps.

1) Created Investment Order, with Auc master record (KO01).

2) Created budget for Investment Order (KO22).

3) Release the Investment Order in control data tab (KO02).

4) G/L Posting to Investment Order with amount 200$.(FB60)

5) AUC Settlement (KO88). (System created the settlement rule AUTO in KO02 here).

6) Created Final asset for settling from AUC (AS01).

7) Internal Order for Auc is "technically complete" so the system will perform 'full settlement' during next order settlement run.