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Jun 03, 2010 at 07:18 PM

Production Order


Hi Guru's,

We check differences for production orders on a monthly basis in transaction KKS1. We have tried to fix a negative difference on one of our production orders. The production order was originally at -122K

After doing some analysis we realized that part of the final production was posted in June and part in May.We manually changed posting dates in the transaction from June to May. After doing this we thought that this will solve our difference. Unfortunately, this increased for some reason.

So we decided to reverse this and changed the posting date from May to June and this caused bigger issues. Now the negative difference is even higher than before. We again tried to fix it with movements types (101) and outs (102), but the result is that we are still missing 88.830EA of material XXXXXX.

Please can someone tell me how we can fix this issue ???

Best Regards,