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Jun 03, 2010 at 10:17 AM

Data Integrator unstable



I've been having problems with this for some time, I hope somebody can help. My DI installation seems to have become unstable in the last couple of months. Occasionally, scheduled jobs will fail. I'm learning along the way how to check the logs. Some of the logs I checked suggest that there is a connection time out:

(12.1) 06-02-10 07:00:47 (E) (9120:9428) CON-120302: Initialization

ODBC call <SQLDriverConnect> for data source <xxxx> failed: <[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired>. Notify

Customer Support.

The same job will sometimes be ok, sometimes fail like this.

Even when I am working with Designer, sometimes the job server stops responding. The logs show:

(12.1) 06-03-10 17:00:07 (2312:9968) JobServer: Notification error while sending message to <inet:> with message type <16>. Error Message: RWSocketError: in

RWSocket::connect: TIMEDOUT (BODI-850171)

After this happens (when using my WinXP PC), even if I run Designer on the server, the Job server is totally not responding. However, the process al_jobserver.exe is still showing in Task Manager. After I restart the Job server, it will usually be ok (sometimes require reboot).

My WinXP PC is running firewall, which I can't seem to turn off. However, Designer is specified in the Exceptions.

More Background: DI V12.1. Server OS Windows 2003 SE SP2. Client OS WinXP SP3.

Database SQL server 2005: same server for repository and destination database.

This server is also running BOE XI3.1 (I'm advising to change to dedicated hardware, but it will take time).

Can anybody please advise? Thanks in advance!