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Nov 30, 2016 at 11:01 PM

Setup 2LIS* datasource in 2 BW system


Dear Expert,

Currently my ERP 6.0 system connects to a BI 7.0 system. I am planning to connect my ERP 6.0 to one more BW system which is running in 7.40.I found SAP support multiple BW systems connect to single ECC source system but I also found there are some limitations for some data sources. I find a note 1932459 BW DataSource: Loading of data into multiple BW target systems is not supported.

It seems datasource 2LIS_*only permit to load data into a single BW target system.I just wonder did anyone has experience to connect one ECC system to multiple BW systems and somehow you found a work around to make datasource and 2LIS_*work such as 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_UM and 2LIS_03_BX?

Actually I already tried to set up the 2LIS_* datasource in my 2 BW system. When I tried to run the setup job OLI1BW for 2LIS_03_BF, I keep getting a message - 2LIS_03_BF still contains data still need to be transferred. I believe the message is telling me there are some data in the delta queue or in SM13. However, I can’t clean up those data since those data is for my old BW system. If I clean it up, I am afraid my old BW system will lost some delta data.Can I just ignore the message and continue to set it up but will it causes trouble for my old BW system?