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Jun 02, 2010 at 03:10 PM

SSL Configuration - SAP ERP 2005 - SAP Web Dispatcher


Dear Friends,

Here is the architecture we have...

> We have SAP Web Dispatcher named "' on the DMZ.

> On our internal LAN, we have SAP ERP 2005 server ( and its application server,

We have genarated the Server and Client pse's on Web Displatcher Server and on the Back-End 2 ERP SAP Servers...

> I haven't found in the documentaion on how to exchange these certificates between the SAP Web Dispatcher and the Back-End 2 ERP SAP Servers...

Here my questions are:

> What files do we need to exchange between these servers?

> Once we exchange the files between the servers, will the communication between the servers (Wed Dispatcher - SAP ERP)will pass thru the SSL standards?

> In this scenario, what do we need to set: to the following parameters on SAP Web Dispatcher Server...

wdisp/ssl_auth = 0/1/2 ????

wdisp/ssl_cred = ???

wdisp/ssl_certhost = which host name should we place here???

Thank you,