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Jan 24, 2019 at 11:08 AM

Displaying variables in webi report


HI All,

I am creating a webi report template, at the top of the report i am displaying the variables and the user input for each variable.

i have used 3 queries in my report and the prompts are same in all queries and are merged.

i have below requirement with respect to variables-

  • The variable area in the report should have all mandatory variables at top
  • The variable area should have all variables without default values
  • The area where variables are listed can be shown/hide.

For the first two requirements i have tried using Prompt summary, But its displaying the variables for each of the query separately though the variables are same in each query.

also since its just a template i can not use the user response, as this template will be used by many people and the queires will be different .

Is there a way to dynamically display the variables and their input values , without repetition and without default values.

Thank you.