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Jan 24, 2019 at 09:37 AM

V_V1 versus manual ATP in the SO



I've noticed a behavioural inconsistency in confirmed scheduled lines. When running V_V1 on backorders, the program picks up only unconfirmed schedule lines which is obviously correct. The already confirmed ones are not impacted.

However when I run a manual availability check in the SO, the already confirmed schedule lines get reconfirmed on today's date. In fact, a new second schedule line is generated and the first one is unconfirmed.

FYI, we are working with make-to-order unique batches, i.e. each batch can only have quantity 1 or 0.

How can I avoid the new confirmation on today's date? Something that was available yesterday and still is today should logically still remain as already confirmed yesterday.

I tried the Fixed date and qty check box but as soon as I select it it generates the new schedule line.

This causes disruptions in the dispatch department since they can't see anymore in their reports which confirmed lines are overdue. They load the lorries with a fifo method so they need to see what was confirmed in the past and when. They are not using LE-TRA.

I appreciate any hint how to make manual ATP behave like V_V1.