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Jan 23, 2019 at 10:01 PM

SAP DM error when export


Hi Experts.

I´m using DM 10.1 SP11. There´s an error when trying to export a Period (content ).

The log file shows:

2019-01-23 16:37:09.5267 [38] [ERROR] ==> -------- Begin -------- ErrorID: 78703d41-ef44-41ff-889e-16600b67ad67 Error in path: Unknown Raw url: Unknown Message: no values set Source: SAP.DM.Core Stack trace: at SAP.DM.Parameter.DateParameterValue.SAP.DM.Parameter.IParameterValue.ToInternal() at cundus.enterpriseReporting.Services.TransportService.ExportPeriodContent(PeriodFile periodFile, User user, Protocol protocol, Period modelPeriod, String zipArchiveName, Int32 periodId, String tempFolder) at cundus.enterpriseReporting.Services.TransportService.ExportPeriod(User user, Protocol protocol, String zipArchiveName, Int32 periodId, Boolean contentOnly, String tempFolder) at cundus.enterpriseReporting.Services.TransportService.CreateTransportPackage(ExportParameters parameters, Protocol& protocol, User user, String tempPath, String comment) -------- End --------

Any suggestions for this error?