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Jun 01, 2010 at 02:12 PM

3kei Transaction code issue.


Hi all,

assume that in 3keh t.c. they have maintained the account intervel is 1-100. and in the transaction code 3kei, they are maintaining the derivation rules for company code wise. so they have used this same account interval in 2910 company code and 2800 company code. now the user is asking to delete the 35 account and 45 account form the company code 2800. when i tried to change the account interval in the derivation rule of 2800 company code as like this 1-34, 36-44 and 46-100, it is showing the error is

"Account interval does not exist for additional accounts in EC-PCA

Message no. KM 542


You want to define derivation for an account interval. However, the account interval S880150200 through S881999999 is not defined in the "Additional balance sheet/profit and loss accounts" for actual postings in controlling area CODA.

System Response

You can only maintain derivation for account intervals that have been defined in the "Additional balance sheet/profit and loss accounts".


Check the account interval in Customizing for Profit Center Accounting".

so i can't change in 3keh transaction code the account interval because is is beeing used in another company code is 2910.

cany any body tell me how to solve this.

Thanks and Regards

Navuluri Rao.

Edited by: navuluri rao on Jun 2, 2010 6:55 AM

Can any body give me the solution please.

Thanks and regards.