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Jan 23, 2019 at 03:42 PM

BP_USER_GEN deletes data


Dear all,

Is the following behavior as expected, or should the following not happen?

I have a user in my SolMan system, with e-mail address.

I used BP_USER_GEN to create its business partner.

Then we also connected the ERP systems. I run BP_USER_GEN again to update the business partner with the identification details for the ERP systems. On the ERP systems however, this user does not have an email address.

The BP_USER_GEN overwrites the existing email address of the existing business partner with a blank...

I'd expect that if a new value is "empty" while there had been a value before, that the existing value would be kept...

Please comment with your opnions on this; if this is expected behavior or a bug.

Kind regards,

Joyca Vervinckt