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Bank Error on Deposit, HOW TO register on SAP B1

I'm a relative newbie on SAP B1, and I'm faced with a bit of a challenge.

I have a Cheque from a cliente with a value of 390, its already saved as an incoming payment, all good. Then, deposit time comes, and the BANK makes an error, makes the deposit for LESS, so the bank document reads 350, we noticed the error, and the BANK credited the remaining 40 in another transaction.

So, the problem is, how do i register this on SAP?

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  • Hi Juan,

    Could you please be more specific about the steps that lead up to getting the error message in question, so that I can better judge the right application of the error? (transaction name you used, program name, technical name of the error message, etc.)

    Screen shots would be a further help, if possible.

    Thank you and Best Regards

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