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May 31, 2010 at 11:58 AM

Migration from NWDI 6.40 to NWDS Only 7.0 and SVN



I am Migrating our source code for an update from EP 6.0 to EP 7.0

I have some projects residing in a subversion repository some projects beeing "maintained" in NWDI.

At the moment I am trying to move the projects from NWDI to subversion.

I struggle with:

- changes to the referenced libraries. For some DCs i simply can change the classpath and I can do a Quick Par Upload built with the EP 7 / NW 2004s libraries (good but not shure if this is the way to go). For other DCs, for e.g. when the result is a sda file - the classpath when using DevelopmentComponent -> Build is overwritten with the DC libs which I guess are all from NW 2004.

- So I decided to create a new project in JDI without DC an migrate the sources by hand for SDA files but I got in trouble when creating a Webservice for what to me looks like a PortalApplication Project (Created a PortalApplication Project added the Java Classes and tried to add an Webservice)

So, can you give me some guidance how to succeed in this migration?

At the moment I don't want another NWDI 7.0 installed as I am the only developer in this project at the moment and it seems to heavy for this and we already have most of our sources in subversion already.

Regards and thanks in advance!