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Jan 22, 2019 at 03:39 AM

SAP HANA PAL Predict with tree Error exception 73001060

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I already have built a BPNN training model and trying to input test dataset to make prediction. But I just got the error as below:

Could not execute 'CALL CRMNL.CRMNL_NN_PREDICT(CRMNL_PREDICT_NN_DATA_TBL, MODEL, "#CRMNL_CONTROL_TBL", ...' in 383 ms 928 µs . SAP DBTech JDBC: [423]: AFL error: search table error: _SYS_AFL.AFLPAL:PREDICTWITHBPNN__OVERLOAD_3_2: [423] (range 3) AFL error exception: exception 73001060: PAL error[73001060]:Internal error. Check trace for details.

Is there anyone can help me?

Before this, I have run successfully for a more larger dataset both on training and testing, after I changed to the new dataset, it pop up this error..


code.txt (12.3 kB)