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SQ02: Functional Location - Maintenance Item Query

Hi Gurus,

I am hoping this can be done through Ad-Hoc, as I do not have access to write any ABAP.

I am trying to a list of all Functional Locations, regardless of if the following criteria are met. If that Functional Location appears in either a) an Object List that is attached to a Maintenance Item or b) the Functional Location field of the Maintenance Item, then I would like to be able to identify that.

In Plain English, I would like to identify which Functional Locations are on a Maintenance Item; whether that's in the Functional Location Field of the Item or the Object List that's attached to the item, from a full list of FLs. The problem is, in my attempts, I've ended up with Object Lists that appear to be associated with Maintenance Items that they're not attached to. That is, there will be multiple lines containing the same Maintenance Item Number, with different Object List Numbers.

I have tried creating joins of many combinations between IFLOT - OBJK - MPOS, but I typically end up with a reduced Functional Location List.

I guess my main question is - is this possible in SQ02? And if so, I would like to understand the logic of the solution, as I've been missing the mark repeatedly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1 Answer

  • Jan 22 at 06:10 PM


    Transaction IP18 can give you what you want. Just enter the functional location on the selection screen and make sure the "With object list" option is checked.


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    • Paul,

      I've taken screenshots, but I'm having trouble getting them to upload (the "submit" button becomes lightly colored upon clicking it, and no warning message appears). That said, I'll do my best to explain in text:

      I've ran IP18 with only a high-level functional location with an asterisk, the planning plant, and the "with object list" check box selected.

      I get a list of Maintenance Items and the associated Object List Numbers. Each Functional Location has a single line for the Maintenance Item on which it appears. If I look into the Maintenance Items than have an Object List, I see that the Object List has numerous Functional Locations on it. Yet the list in IP18 only shows one location for each Maintenance Item with an Object List.