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Consume webservice ABAP --> Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL) )


I'm trying to consume a webservice, but when testing the ABAP proxy it fails with the error message 'GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL) )'

I have created an ABAP proxy based on the wsdl file. I havde downloaded the certificate from the remote https-webserver/webservice and installed it via strust. I have then created a local port in the soamanager and pointed to the certificate (x.509 ssl certificate).

Now if I test the service consumer/abap proxy and select my local port and the method to call, I'm prompted for username and password, which is good. But instead of returning some xml, I get the error 'GENERAL_ERROR Error duing proxy processing (PART UNKNOWN (NULL) ) '

In SRT_UTIL I can see in the http-top-data that the remote server sets a cookie, so I know that I have connection the server... ...but other than that I have no real information on why it doesn't work...

When I use the program SoapUI I can see the same behaviour (1: post request, 2: reply = not authorized, 3 : post again using http basic auth, 4: recieve xml reply). It looks like when testing from the test-tool for the service consumer, it looks like the post with basic auth is not sent... But it is not 100% clear if the http-request is 'post' as expected or 'get'... :-/

If I perform the same steps agains a free, simple webservice that does not use https but http, it works... I believe that I did the exact same things except downloading and installing the certificate.

I have read a lot of pages under but so far I without luck.

I have run out of things to try... Any suggestions?

Best regards,

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