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May 31, 2010 at 06:56 AM

DIR Authorization


Hi gurus

I have a problem about authorization in DMS. I have a DIR and it's authorized for a user, no one can change it except him. Then he need to send DIR by distribution and he want that only the users who receive this DIR can view/change it. The authorization is just created when he use distribution for this DIR, otherwise everyone can't change it but him. For example:

User A create a DIR and only him can change it (I user Authorization Group for authorization)

And he send this DIR to User B,C. After that they (user B,C) can change this DIR.

I have a solution, I maintain a new Authorization Group and when he send this DIR, he will change Authorization Group to another such as "ungrp". With "ungrp" I allow everyone can change this DIR. By this solution I can solve a part of problem: He can change the authorization at the moment when he sends DIR. But everyone can change DIR after that - not only the DIR receivers.

If you have a better idea or experience this problem, give me your opinion please.

Best regards