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May 29, 2010 at 06:16 AM




This is my second post of same topic : ( My basic requirement is at runtime Word document should have some calculated values also)

This time i would like to know if any body has used the BADI for Web Service enhancement or on the Document template page.

I tried implementing the BADI CRM_OFFICE_TEMPLATE_BADI .....

In the get_attribute method following is the code:

data ls_attribute like line of ct_attributes.

ls_attribute-name = 'field1'.

ls_attribute-description = 'textfiled'.

INSERT ls_attribute INTO TABLE ct_attributes.

After this the Document template page shows the 'CALL BADI' Button and when clicked shows the added fields from get_attribute method. After this idealy what should happen. How to transfer these fields to word docuement.

Even the Web service also has few of the fileds . So, Now i want the Badi fields and the WEb service fileds both to appear on the word document.

But when the word document opens it shows only XML tags form the web service and not from the BADI.

Am I missing some steps in between .....I have seen post on these topic but no where it is clearly defined.

Also the second option is to implemt BADI for WEB SERVICE ENHANCEMENT 'CRM_WST_RT_ENHANCEMENT' , Even here it is not clear what goes into the outbound and inbound methos and when exactly is this BADI triggered....I think when i create the new web service it should be triggered..... But no luck!!!!

I am in a implementation project and need a solution urgently ...Bcoz it does't make sence to use smartform when SAP has given such a tool.