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May 28, 2010 at 10:30 AM

2008 printout different to CR XI printout


We recently changed from printing with CR XI runtimes (RDC and/or CRPE) to CR 2008 runtime (.NET).

Now our customers complain changes in the layout of the reports.

Indeed we found out that even CR 2008 desginer prints differently compared to the CR XI designer. The printout is somewhat scaled a bit smaller, sometimes words wrap earlier than in CR XI. Also previously functioning printer command fonts (e.g. for a EPSON POS printer) do not work anymore.

Furthermore a bitmap used in the report that defintely has a white background (also tried transparent ones) print with light grey background, what looks pretty awful.

Is this explainable? What can we do to avoid these changes - are there settings, we missed?

Anybdoy else with such a problem? I wonder, as I didn't found any topic in the forum.