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Jan 24, 2019 at 03:04 AM

Distribution channel and Customer to profit segment (COPA) when PGI for Stock transport order

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Hi experts,

My client wants to transfer revenue to COPA when post Billing and transfer COGS when PGI. So I took some config step below:

- Apply config in Sap Note 1167439 to Take the COGS when billing

- Remove VPRS condition in KE4I to avoid COGS duplication

- Config optional for movement type related to GI

- Fill the profit segment in Account assignment when creating Stock transport order in ME21N.

However, when I PGI outbound delivery from STO transaction for intercompany code, The profit segment is not taken with Distribution channel and Customer, although, DC and customer are still taken when billing from DO. This makes us can't analyze Profit per distribution channel.

Please tell me how to make the profit segment changable when PGI or how to take DC and customer to DO from STO.


me21n-2.png (80.1 kB)
vl02n.png (46.0 kB)
me21n1.png (90.2 kB)