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May 28, 2010 at 07:01 AM

Inventory Management


Hi Everyone,

We have an requirement for implemanting the inventory releated flow, i am new to inventory management.

So basically we got the finalized business content cubes,

That are

Inventory Valuation: Material Prices and Inventory Values 0COPC_C04

Material Stocks/Movements (as of 3.0B) 0IC_C03

Stock Quantities 0LIM_C01

Now as per my knowlege i am bit aware of the inventory management in BW and got some inputs from the forum, and i understand that

0IC_C03 is the main extraction in terms of inventory management in SAP BW,

And for this we have a pre defined extraction method, that is using the 3 datasources BX, BF and UM,

Now my question is,

1) Is the implementation of 0IC_C03 is sufficient in terms of inventory.

2) If not, then for the other info cubes also we have a pre defined method for the extraction

( As i could only trace out one major document in terms of inventory, and that is " how to handle inventory", which majorly talks about the 0IC_C03 flow)

3) As this is the fresh implemantation, this is the first flow been targeted, that is inventory, so as per my knowlege, even if we go for the finalizing the data flow for the info cube 0IC_C03, we still first need to develop the relevant info objects master data flow first, and once done with that, we can start implementing the inventory management flow, sujjest me on my approach and correct me where i am wrong.