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May 28, 2010 at 03:06 AM

salary development iView in MSS


I am trying to configure the standard salary development iView in MSS to use data from IT8, 14 and 15, not from payroll cluster.

step 3 of the IMG configuration says:

" 3. For each cumulation wage type, define the relevant wage types.

Note: If you want the system to determine the annual salary based on the infotypes Basic Pay (0008), Recurring Payments and Deductions (0014), and Additional Payments (0015) as opposed to payroll results, you must use a wage type in this process step that refers to a module in view V_T511 (Wage Type Characteristics). You must have defined this module in view V_T539J (Basic Wage Type Valuation)."

what is the purpose of the module? how is the MSS iView using the module? do I need to use module ANSAL? is it necessary for each WT to have a module?