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Former Member
May 27, 2010 at 11:23 PM

PPOME HOLDER NAME IS not displayed


Here is the case ..whena person is retired ..wht we do currently is run a retire action ...and the person is placed in a retirement org unit ..Wwe go to ppome ..we can can c the person who has retired .

Now when he is dead ..his wife needs to get the benefits ..or his wife carries forward his benefits .

In such a case wht we do to just the Wives name on the system ..we perform anthoer action survivor with benefits .

which is similar to Hire action ..where she is hired on the position of the her reitred husband .

It delmits the postiion which the Husband held as per the date of his death and the Places the wife as a new postion Holder .

When iperfrom this action everythign goes fine ..series of infotypes are maintained .

I check pa30 ..all details 1 ,2 infotypes are updated as per the spouse details .

Now thw problem starts

when i go to ppome and enterthe position no ..It shows the Holder icon but no details ..Name nothing no details ..

Wwhat could be wrong ..

I guess something goto towith the ppome screen where its pulling the details ..

Kinldy help me out here .