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May 27, 2010 at 04:38 PM

transportation and new development


Hi experts,

my situation is like this.

I got requirement from user and i decided that i should change (add some new code to existing code) my start routine.Now I know what to change and where to change.When I asked my user,if I can do it in sandbox for testing,he said we donot have any sandbox and we just have DEV,QUAL,PROD.I need to do any developments in DEV and that too I have to wait with doing because He havenot created any change request.If I still wanna do it,according to him,I can do it in $TMP and save it and need to transport later.

1. First thing is,I couldnot understand what he means?

2.Because,according to,when u change some existing thing(that was already transported to PROD by transport connection),its just automatic change recording.does that mean,we need not give any package name or request name?request name and package name automatically comes up for that object as it was already transported and recorded in it like that???or do we need to give package name and request name again?Do we need to give the same package name and request name which we gave when we transported object for first time?

3.what has change request creation to do with object transportation?

Thanks alot for your inputs.

P Olin.