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Jan 23, 2019 at 12:35 AM

BPC Embedded / Optimised Account Based Calc Business Rule Tables



Can anyone tell me which tables are used to store the detailed configuration of Account Based Calculations in BPC Embedded / Optimised? What I'm looking for is the table that stores things like Source and Target Account / Flow / Category etc. I have already checked the UJP* tables with no luck.

What I am trying to do is expose this table into an Analysis for Office report to assist users in reconciling Cash Flow calculations. Ideally, in one report I would like to show for example Cash Flow Opening Balance, and in another report, the detailed breakdown of GL Account Balances that are used to calculate the Cash Flow Opening Balance (this second report would need to show GL Account Balances based on the GL Accounts specified in the Business Rule logic.

In BPC Embedded I have previously used Cash Flow and Flow attributes on 0GL_ACCOUNT to calculate Cash Flow account balances as this was a planning solution (no Consolidation in scope), so this report was easily developed by sorting on the GL Account attributes to show Cash Flow balances broken down by source GL Account balances. As I am currently using RTC I need to use Business Rules to Calculate Cash Flow, and don't have the ability to enable users to maintain attributes on /ERP/GL_ACCT in the BPC Web Client.