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May 27, 2010 at 01:45 PM

Position hierarchy view in Org chart module not displaying the hierarchy


Dear experts - This is regarding Position hierarchy in Org chart module. We are using scenario3 - Online data extraction via sap.

In sap the org structure hierarchy is represented by org units, positions and persons occupying these positions - There are positions defined under the org units - One org unit can have many positions defiend under it.

In position hierarchy can i get the list of all the positions that fall under a given root position though an explicit hierarchy is not maintained for positions in SAP.

Has any one worked on the position hierarchy view - Can you please help me understand how to get positions displayed in hierarchial structure when data is extracted from SAP.

Bapi's i have tried in data connection settings are --> BAPI_ReportingPosition_DataSet and BAPI_3_DataSets_S2S

Configuration in general settings:

Hierarchy ID Field: ID

Hierarchy Parent Field: ParentNo

Element ID Field: ID

Child Exists Filter: HasChildren = 'True'

OrgChart Root: Tried with highest position but only one position got displayed

Default OrgChart Root: OrgChart Root

Parent Description Field: ParentName

If i give Root org unit against the filed OrgChart Root in the above general settings i get an error that root org unit is not found.

Note: Org structure is displayed as desired starting with the root org unit.

Thanks & Regards