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Jan 22, 2019 at 06:04 PM

Help with My Inbox extension in SAP WEB IDE


Good day to all

First of all, an apology, use Google translator to post my problem.

I am still new to the SAPUI5 Code and I still do not understand very well how to program in it.

In my work they asked me to extend an App using the SAP WEB IDE.

The app is the one of My Inbox, which does not have any problem of functionality, it opens all the files and the documents without any problem, but the problem comes to be when it happens to the Mobile version, in it, the documents are lost and not can visualize them.

My question would be any idea of how I can extend the My Inbox app to ensure that documents can be viewed in the Mobile version?

here, the functionality in the browser, does not mark any problem

in the mobile version, the document view is lost

I understand that this problem is a limitation of the standard App, so, I do not know if that is possible or if you should modify more things so that you can access the documents.

Thank you for your answers.