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Jan 22, 2019 at 03:04 PM

Result set is too large, data retrieval restriction by configuration error in Design studio 1.6


Hi Team,

Here i am handling with Bigdata.

I have made a connection to the Hadoop production cluster through the JDBC drivers.I published the business layer to the universe. But while accessing the data in the Design studio report, i can see limited rows .i.e 5000 rows only. But my actual table has 116237 records.

Then i unchecked the query limit option in business layer and published again, this time i got a error message stating that "Result set is too large, data retrieval restriction by configuration".

Hereby i have attached the screen shots for the same

1) bl-issue.png - business layer query limit error.

2) . datasource-issue.png - Design studio error

kindly let me know is there any possibility to view the entire records in the report.


bl-issue.png (81.4 kB)