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May 27, 2010 at 09:19 AM

OADP Exclude Managers is excluding non-managers


I created a new OADP view for a Team Calendar. One of the rules I created has a new Evaluation Path that specifies a S BZ03 S relationship where Z03 is a new custom relationship. The problem I am facing is that it only picks up the related positions if the "Exclude Managers" flag is off. The scenario is that we have position linked to a manager via custom relationship Z03.

The complete Evaluation Path is as follows:

10 O B 003 S

20 S A 008 P

30 S B Z03 S

In my rule for object selection, if I have "Exlcude Managers" on then I do not get the holder of the S linked by Z03 but if I turn the "Exclude Managers" flag off then I do. The holder of the position is not a manager but is being excluded.