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May 27, 2010 at 06:55 AM

shudden growth in the STAT.DAT files


Over the last week our Total size of STAT.DAT files have grown from about 7GB to 15GB and I'm trying to figure out why they have grown so much and what could be causing it. I have used ST03 to make sure all traces where turned off.

I have notice an interface has been causing SOAP issues by using SM21with these errors

SOAP Runtime Protocol: SOAP Runtime ICX_SOAP_CORE: 1032 occurred in method get_http_headers of class CL_SOAP_HTTP_TPBN D_ROOT at position


SOAP Runtime Protocol: ICX_SOAP_CORE message: SRT: Wrong Content-Type and empty HTTP-Body received

From talking to a programmer it is due to

" Effectively whenever an order/return/etc was saved (be it saved or changed or rescheduled whatever) then 2 records were being saved into the log. This was because the SOAP service was not returning anything now, but SAP was expecting a response, so throwing the error. "

So a couple of questions here

How can I check what is in a STAT file to see the type of records and what is different to last week?

Can the above errors be causing the STAT files to grow, I wouldn't have thought so but SAP can do thing I don't expect?

Cheers for any suggestions